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It's Important

Your windshield is an important structural component of your vehicle. It keeps you safe inside while protecting you from dirt and debris on the road. Driving with a cracked windshield is illegal and dangerous for you and your passengers.


It's Quick

Replacing your windshield will take about one hour to complete. Our technicians will come to you for free and replace it right on-site. You can drive the vehicle as soon as we finish and you can pay with cash, company check, or any major credit card.


It's Guaranteed

We provide FREE life-time warranty on all windshield replacements. This means that you are protected against any air leaks, water leaks, wind noise, and or defects with the glass. **windshield replacement must include new seal/trim.

'I got a brand new factory windshield, professional installation, life time warranty, and best of all, the technician came to my house and replaced the glass right on-site.' - Susan

We come to you, for free!

How long will my replacement take?

Windshield replacement can takes about an hour to complete.  You can drive the vehicle as soon as we finish, and you can pay with cash, company check, or credit card.

Will I have to wait with my vehicle?

It is not necessary to wait with your vehicle. However, we do ask that you have your vehicle keys available for the technician when we arrive. We can call you once we finish.

What if I have a problem?

We will be more than happy to fix the problem, at no cost to you, as part of our lifetime warranty against air-leaks, water-leaks, and wind-noise.

What about my rearview mirror?

Removing your rearview mirror and attaching it to your new windshield is part of our job. This will always be done prior to completing your service.

What type of glass will you install?

We carry the most current and highest quality auto glass available. You can choose from original dealer item, O.E.M certified, or After-market glass to fit any budget.

Can you replace my glass in the rain?

We will not install your auto glass in the rain or snow for safety reasons.  For a proper install we will need suitable shelter, such as your garage or covered car port.